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From Active Addiction to CEO - Jim Geckler’s Story of Recovery

Since overcoming his own addiction, Jim Geckler has spent his life helping others battle drug and alcohol abuse. There are tens of millions of people in the United States alone who struggle with addiction. They, along with their families and friends, can listen to this interview and walk away with a sense of hope.

Part One - Jim’s Personal Journey Through Recovery

At the age of 13, Jim Geckler drank beer and used marijuana for the first time. From that moment and for 20 more years, he was crippled by drug and alcohol addiction until he hit rock bottom. For Jim, rock bottom was an arrest that proved to be the catalyst to help him overcome his addiction. From there, Jim got a job in a coffee shop and has risen through the recovery community to become CEO of Harmony Foundation in Estes Park, CO. This incredible story will give hope to people struggling with addiction, in recovery, or supporting someone who needs help.

Part Two - Advice for People Struggling with Addiction…The Addicts, Their Friends, and Families

In this part of the interview, Jim discusses:

  • The root causes behind the opioid epidemic in the United States

  • What people struggling with addiction can do to find help

  • How families and friends can provide support to people with a history of alcohol and drug abuse

  • The difference between pain and discomfort and why understanding this is important

  • Technology advances that are assisting in successful recoveries

Organizations, people, and resources mentioned: Dr. Christopher Reveley, Jeff and Debra Jay, Love First, The Way Out, Soberlink, Dr. Mel Pohl, The Intervention Show, The Minnesota Model, Harmony Foundation

“What we don’t always look at is the effect it has on the family, the effect it has on society, on the workplace, on safety in general.”

Jim Geckler, CEO of Harmony Foundation, discussing the ripple effects of addiction.

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