Cashing in on Climate Change - An Interview with Andrew Winston

The greatest change the international community faces in the 21st century is the warming planet. Whole countries are threatened, coastal cities could disappear, and every community around the world will see the impact of floods, fires, hotter weather, droughts, storms, and other weather-related events. The way we live will change and so will the way we work. This will create incredible disruption. It also presents unprecedented economic opportunity for organizations that dream up innovative solutions to the dangers of climate change.

In this interview, climate change guru Andrew Winston shares how his career path intersected with environmental issues, the state of the climate today, and how businesses are adopting sustainable practices and attracting climate-conscious consumers in the process. Andrew also discusses how small and mid-sized businesses can use sustainability to be more competitive while attracting top talent to work for them.

Andrew studied Economics at Princeton, later earning an MBA from Columbia and a MA of Environmental Management from Yale. He began his career advising companies in strategy and marketing before turning to his passion for the environment. An author of three books including Green Recovery, Green to Gold, and The Big Pivot, Andrew is an expert on how we all can do our part to save the environment and still prosper.