The Transgender Champion - An Interview with Team USA's Chris Mosier


One of the most dramatic societal changes over the last few years has been the advancement of transgender rights. While the 1.4 million Americans who identify as transgender have yet to reach equality, it is efforts from people like this episode’s guest Chris Mosier who are making these human rights advancements possible. 

In this interview, pioneering transgender athlete Chris Mosier shares the importance of athletics in his life, his journey to defining his gender identity, and how our world is changing to be more inclusive and understanding through policy and social change. Chris also provides outstanding insight and advice for those (and their families, friends, and co-workers) who are questioning, curious, or looking to better understand transgender identity. 

Chris has been heavily involved in athletics since he was four years old, becoming a trailblazing athlete in his 20s as an All-American Duathlete and six-time member of Team USA. In 2015 he made history as the first known transgender man to make a US Men’s National Team, challenging Olympic policy and opening doors for future transgender athletes. As an advocate for the transgender community, Chris established, the go-to source on transgender athletic policy. He also mentors young athletes and speaks to organizations about how to create more inclusive policies for their institutions.

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