Second Quarter Review - Laurie Ruettimann Interviews 12 Geniuses CEO Don MacPherson

Laurie Ruettimann, host of the Let’s Fix Work podcast, interviews 12 Geniuses CEO Don MacPherson about the second quarter of 2019. They discuss what 12 Geniuses is following, the Leadership Moments 12 Geniuses is producing, goals for the rest of 2019, and what to look forward to in Season Two of the 12 Geniuses podcast.

The two friends explore advancements in medicine, complications in adapting to new technology (children becoming more rude and drivers interacting with driverless cars), and the strange difficulty in getting female guests to be guests on podcasts. They also cover Don’s new position on the Board of Directors for the Harmony Foundation, creating the Inner City Ducks organization in Minneapolis, and parenthood.

Finally, Laurie and Don discuss what is ahead for the 12 Geniuses podcast. New interviews on the topics of cyber security, architecture for rehabilitation, carbon capture techniques, the creative process in art, and human resources are coming soon. They also talk about the “12 Geniuses Leadership Moments” - three minute profiles of historic leaders - that are airing as mini-podcasts over the summer.