A Story of Self-Disruption and Reinvention - Catherine Carr of Doctors Without Borders


The world is better than ever. We have access to life-saving medical technology, sanitation, and technological advancements in energy and other resources. Despite these developments, there are still parts of the world challenged by natural disasters, diseases, and war. Fortunately for many of the people facing these challenges, there are organizations like Doctors Without Borders (also known as Médecins Sans Frontières) that provide assistance and heroes who leave the comfort of their careers, families, and the lives they have created in order to save lives and give hope to strangers a world away.

Nearly a decade ago, Catherine Carr had the nagging feeling there was more to life than the way she was living. It’s a feeling many people have after a couple decades of adulthood and work experience. Most people don’t heed it though. Catherine is not most people. She wanted more meaning in her work and Doctors Without Borders was the answer. She applied, was hired, and sent to Kenya on a six-month assignment.

That one-time assignment turned into more than nine years with Catherine being stationed in 13 countries. In this interview, she shares her experience working for Doctors Without Borders and the lessons she learned in the field that can be applied in business. Catherine also talks about overcoming the fear she felt as she embarked on her personal reinvention.

Anyone interested in cultural adaptation, expanding their own comfort zone, and pursuing a greater sense of meaning at work will find this interview with Catherine Carr fascinating.

Catherine is currently on a four-month assignment in South Sudan.