Innovations in Cybersecurity with Threat Hunter Max Heinemeyer

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Over the last quarter century, citizens of most countries have become safer than ever from threats of physical violence, robbery, and kidnapping. The development of the Internet, however, has left us vulnerable. In the age of the Internet, there are countless opportunities for malicious hackers to gain access to your information. More devices each year are becoming “smart” and tied into our Internet, creating a complex web of information about users, companies, and networks. Protecting ourselves online is more difficult than ever and innovative solutions to cybersecurity are necessary as we look to the future.

In this interview, cybersecurity expert Max Heinemeyer defines the threats to our cybersecurity and explores how the cyber field is changing as more devices are tied into the Internet of Things. He also discusses how hackers have evolved, solutions for protecting yourself from cyber-attacks, and how companies can safeguard against apathetic or malicious employees. Finally, Max provides tips for how you can better protect your personal data and identity.

Max is a cybersecurity expert specializing in network monitoring and offensive security. At Darktrace, Max works with strategic customers to help them investigate and respond to threats, as well as overseeing the cybersecurity analyst team in their Cambridge headquarters in the United Kingdom. Max has extensive experience as a white hat hacker in addition to his membership to the German Chaos Computer Club.

Topics Discussed: LAN Parties as a gateway to cyber hacking, who hackers are, where people are most vulnerable online, cryptocurrency miners, phishing emails, ethical hacking, tips to protect yourself from cyberattacks, Internet of Things, the growth of the internet landscape, AI in threat hunting, where organizations are vulnerable, apathy and ignorance in the workplace, diverse workforce as an asset, the threat of a cyberwar, foreign influence on politics, trust attacks, solutions for internet security, how hackers are evolving, the future of cybercrime and cybersecurity, the future of the internet, data privacy, deep fakes.

People, Organizations, and Resources Mentioned: Russia, Germany, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, USA, Darktrace, Enterprise Immune System, Amazon, Chaos Computer Club, Edward Snowden, Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un.

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“If I think back 10 or 15 years, most cyberattacks were happening just on the keyboard, like somebody in their basement with a funny haircut maybe hacking through firewalls and stuff like that… But these days, it’s all about organized crime and exploiting the vulnerable, and trying to make money out of it.”  

-Max Heinemeyer on the evolution of malicious hacking.