Coming Soon: Season Two - Creators & Innovators

The world is better than ever. This is irrefutable! People are living longer lives. More people around the world get to experience the sweetness of freedom. Access to information and education has extended to more people globally than ever before. Sustainable energy is no longer a pipe dream. Abject poverty is being eliminated at an incredibly rapid rate. It’s the best time in human history to be alive.

But there are still problems to solve. We have a warming planet. Our oceans, rivers, and lakes are polluted. Inequality, incivility, addiction, intolerance…these are all real problems. While politicians and governments can play a role in solving these problems, they will not do it alone. In fact, innovators will need to lead the way.

Yes, 12 Geniuses is back with Season Two. We have 12 new episodes coming out this fall. This season is dedicated to the theme of creativity and innovation. We will talk directly to creators of culture and innovative problem solvers. We’ll introduce you to an Iranian scientist who has invented a manufacturing method that will help address global warming.

Season 2 Guests (2).png

You’ll meet a legendary hip hop artist who discusses his creative process. We talk to an architect who has dedicated his 50-year career to designing humane jails and courtrooms. You’ll meet the CEO of a company offering Virtual Reality training designed to prevent sexual harassment. We introduce you to a German living in London whose team is using Artificial Intelligence to protect you from the threat of global cybercriminals.

If you want to better understand how you, your team, and your organization can be more creative and innovative, this season of the podcast is for you. The first episode of Season Two is an interview with bestselling author Daniel Pink. That episode is available on September 9th. We hope you’ll subscribe and tune in!

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