Developing Financial and Emotional Competence with Doug Lennick


America has a money problem. It isn’t just the $20+ trillion in national debt. It’s also individual debt. One in five Americans don’t have a single dollar set aside in the event of an emergency and 30% don’t have $500 in a rainy day fund. US household debt exceeded $13 trillion at the end of 2017 with over $800B of that coming in the form of credit card debt.

Half of all US employees are anxious or fearful about their financial well-being. Imagine the risk that this poses for your organization. People stressed about money are more likely to steal from their companies and stay even if they are disengaged.

Doug Lennick has spent his career developing leaders in a wide variety of industries and exploring how people can make better financial decisions that align with their core values. Doug has authored six books including his most recent - “Leveraging Your Financial Intelligence: At the Intersection of Money, Health and Happiness.”

In this interview, Doug talks about how dangerous debt gets started and how to avoid it. He shares his views on how to create a responsible financial framework. A leadership expert who has led tens of thousands of people over the years, Doug also talks about what it takes to be an effective leader in a rapidly changing business world.