Leadership, the Brain, and Managing Lasting Change - An Interview with Dr. Robert Eichinger

Robert Eichinger

What makes a leader great? Is it a big personality with a compelling vision? Or is it the combination of intelligence and integrity? Our guest for this episode of 12 Geniuses is Dr. Robert Eichinger. For half a century he has studied and researched the competencies of leaders – the good ones and the bad ones.

He has authored more than 100 articles and books on leadership, while coaching thousands of leaders from first-time managers to Fortune 500 CEOs.

In the first part of our conversation we talk about leadership myths, how leadership has evolved over the last fifty years, why the brain resists change, and the competencies leaders need to master in order to become great. The second part of the interview focuses on leadership in a world of artificial intelligence. We will also discuss the importance of change readiness, learning agility, and whether or not new technologies will enable leaders to be more effective.

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